SDG depuration, has got its seat in Schio and it's been active for 40 years at national and international level in the design, construction and management of water treatment plants, equipment and technologies, that have been realized respecting the highest standard of quality and safety.

The company designs and manufactures, in Italy, plants for civil and industrial use, plants for depuration of waste water, primary and boiler water, first rain water and sludge treatment.

Therefore, the constant commitment and the purpose of SDG s.r.l. is to efficiently protect the environment in compliance with current regulations and to save and use sparingly the precious goods, as water and energy. SDG depuration pays close attention to the evolution of ecological issues, even under the regulatory aspect.

In the same seat in Schio, SDG disposes of a chemical analysis laboratory, which is completely equipped with the best equipment. In the laboratory work well-prepared professionals, with more than twenty years' experience. Here analysis, test and monitoring of water sludge and residual of pre-and post-treatment are carried out.

The analysis relate to water, sludge and waste taken over all the stages of processing and operations of the plants.

At the seat of Schio (VI) SDG depuration designs and manufactures machinery, large waste water depuration plants, first rain treatment plants, industrial sludge treatment plants, water and sludge deriving from agro-food processing treatment plants, industrial installations, special work and plants management.

The application sectors of the water plants, which from SDG depuration realized are, cover the needs of all industries where there is a need to treat water, the processing waste, respecting the stringent environmental protection standards, the health protection of workers and citizens.